Conversation With Demons

Have you ever enjoyed discourse with a demon? Your inner demon? 🙂

My demons are afraid. They are afraid because they know I plan on shedding them. And they are getting vocal 🙂 If you wish, I will share with you.

Note: Will contain adult language.

FEAR: She said she would get in touch with you at the weekend.

ME: No she didn’t. She said she would have a think about it. Let her.

FEAR: She doesn’t love you. you are a piece of crap on her shoe. She hates you. She is glad to be rid of you.

ME: No! She has her own life. She has her own friends. Let her do what she wants to do If she wants to, she can call me. If she doesn’t want to, that is up to her.

FEAR: She doesn’t fucking like you. You disappointed her you fat ugly piece of shit. She is probably feeling like sex right now….Maybe having sex with HIM.

ME: No. No. She is not like that. And even if it were – wouldnt I be better off without her? If she is that shallow that she would do something like that?

ANGER: You piece of worthless shit. You couldnt even satisfy her when she met you – no wonder she needs a real fucking man. Someone to give her what she wants. I bet she is having the time of her life right now, and you are sitting alone at your machine. haha!

ME: So what? If that is the way she wants to live her life, then let her. I promised her everything, but if that is all that she is interested in, let her go to hell.

ANGER: Hell??? *laughs out loud* She is in heaven right now – enjoying the feelof a real man on her, pushing her down into the mattress. You couldnt even do that you fucking piece of nothing.

ME: No!

ANGER: Yes! She jokes about you with her new boyfriend you know. Talking about what a huge mistake she made.

Me: No…

ANGER: YES!! You are such a fucking failure!!! Do the world a favour. Show the world how SORRY you are! Show HER how sorry you are!! Do it!! Do it!! Kill yourself!! Do it!! Take a piece of glass and do it!!

ME: No!

FEAR/ANGER: You fucking coward!! What are you afraid of?? The pain?? The blood?? Do it!!

ME: No…

FEAR: Why not, coward?

ME: I promised I wouldn’t. Not under my parents roof. I won’t do it.

FEAR?ANGER: You fucking coward!! Easy excuse. Any excuse so that you dont have to do what is right. Take a piece of glass and slash yourself. Make that bitch feel guilty. Make them all feel guilty. Do it! Do it!! Make a gesture of your useless piece of life.

ME: No….please…I dont want to….I want to live, and be happy, please….!

ANGER: Coward!!!!!!!! I hope she enjoys sex with him. I hope she is glad she didnt settle on you, you fucking reject!!!! *laughs*………


My new skin has just appeared.


ME: Hey

FEAR: *Hisses* Who the fuck are you?

ME: Who’s asking?


ME: Go away.

FEAR: You like your ex-girlfriend getting boned by another guy then?

ME: Simple pleasures for simple minds. What more can I say?

FEAR/ANGER: You fucking coward!! You grow a new self over a girl and publish it on a blog for the world to feel sorry for you???

ME: Anything to rid myself of YOU.


ME: You know that you are disease, don’t you? Whereas I am a product of love, you know that you are a product of hate, don’t you?

FEAR/ANGER: She rejected you, you worthless fucker. She is having the time of her life getting off with a proper guy. A guy that can give her what she needs inside her. He is enjoying FUCKING her right now! And he is laughing at YOU!!

ME: His prerogative. I prefer to view it in terms of “desperate times, desperate measures”.

ANGER: What is your problem, asshole??!! Any excuse not to have to rid the world of yourself, humm??

ME: So YOU say.

FEAR: Coward!

ME: So you pick on weak minds and call ME coward? *laughs*

FEAR/ANGER/HATE: Fuck you!! *disappears*




Welcome to my world of demons xD!