My New Skin

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Ryun

I am motivated to keep living. I am motivated because I think I still have hope. I have hope that I will eventually come to like myself, and experience happiness, just like any normal person.

To motivate myself, I begin to conjure up an image of who I would like to be, and how I would like to live life.


Who I Want To Be

I want to be a normal guy, who used to be quite big, but who has managed to lose a lot of weight. I take care of myself and my appearance, because I respect who I am.

I treat others with respect too. I listen to them, and am interested in them. But I don’t crave attention from others. If you want to be my friend, you are most welcome to do so. If you don’t, I won’t take it personally. I have my own life to live, and you have yours.

I don’t worry about the future, and I forgive myself for my past mistakes. I forgive others for their past mistakes too. I don’t hold onto grudges or regret. Life is too short, and many of us may not be around tomorrow.

I take my time passing through life. I completely apply myself to anything that I need or want to do, and I never leave a job half-finished. I take pride in doing things well. I focus on what is happening right here, right now. That might be washing the dishes. It might be watching TV. It might be talking to you. But whatever it is, everything else can wait. I live within the moment. And by living within the moment, I get the utmost enjoyment I can from it. I have the ability to clear my mind and let go of mental burdens so that i can concentrate and enjoy what is front of me.

I am organised. I am not attached to worldly possessions. I only keep the things in my life that serve a need or purpose. I enjoy my space, and don’t like clutter. I tackle problems head-on, I don’t let them fester. I don’t bury my head in the sand.

I can make decisions, and once I make a decision, I don’t regret it, even if it turns out to be the wrong one. It’s OK to be wrong sometimes, as long as you learn from your mistake.

I am a firm believer in love, and that two people can make each other happy. I am not afraid of commitment or of showing how I feel. I am not afraid of talking about things. I will stay with you and love you as long as you can show me that that is what you want too. But I accept that things can and do go wrong, and if they do, I know I can rely on myself to see things through. I accept disappointment and grief as normal emotions associated with break-up, but I allow myself to move on.

I am happy in my own skin.


THAT is my motivation. That is my new skin. That is what I am going to transform into. How I just need to figure out and develop the habits that will allow me to BE that guy. šŸ™‚