Just had to reblog this…….

Truly an inspirational metaphor for someone like me trying to understand myself.

we can be fine.

I don’t know if I’ve posted about my island theory.  But here it is.  Actually, less of a theory and more of a metaphor.  It’s not a perfect metaphor, and can probably use some improvement, but it’s how I see things.

Everyone has their own island.  Everyone’s island is mostly the same, but each island starts out just a tiny bit different: maybe one’s just a little bit greener, or someone else’s has just slightly more dangerous wildlife.  Just little things, though.

Throughout our lives, we change these islands, and they start to become more unique; we make them our own.  But, we also like to spend time on other peoples’ islands.  That’s companionship.  We enjoy getting to know others’ islands, and, in very special cases, finding a second home there.

But, we always have our own island as well.

I spent too much time hanging out on other islands. …

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