Simple Pleasures

Sometimes I think that we spend so much time chasing happiness, that we actually forget to be happy. I know I do.

Following on from the island theory by wecanbefine, I got to thinking about my own island, thinking about what there may be on it that gives me pleasure.

What gives me pleasure in MY life? What makes ME happy, totally independently of anyone or anybody else? I am curious…I want to know. I want to know more about who I am. The bits of the old me that I want to keep as I shed my skin.

So I came up with the following list:

1. I love Friday evenings. I love having worked all week, with the promise of the weekend right ahead. I look forward to late nights, sleep ins, and general unabashed laziness. There is always a certain buzz about Friday evenings! The prospect of being able to drop the shackles of modern day slavery for a little while, and work on your own life instead.

2. I love stepping out of the shower, and feeling fresh and clean, with the prospect of climbing into a bed that has just had the sheets changed. The pleasure I get from this is just immense! I literally sink into the bed and the feel of the clean sheets against my clean skin makes me tingle all over.

3. I love buying myself new things, be it a new computer game or a gadget or a good of some description. I don’t do it very often; but when I do, it feels great. I especially like ordering online and finding the parcel sitting waiting for me when I go home. Sometimes I delay actually opening it for a few hours just to extend the pleasure of anticipation. I love the feel of then opening the box, along with all the paraphernalia that goes with it – the individually wrapped accessories, the glossy instruction manuals, the bubble wrap, even the delightful smell of newness!  Plus the prospect of actually getting to switch it on and use it and put it through its paces….God!! I really feel like a little kid sometimes!!!

4. I love wakening up – remembering it is Saturday or Sunday morning, and falling back to sleep again. Heaven!

5. I love switching on the TV just as a good film is about to start. Its like I have just gotten a little present!

6. I love compliments or the feeling of doing something right….the sense of pride or accomplishment makes it all worthwhile.

7. I love the wit and humour that I come across in everyday life, especially the kind that sticks two fingers up at adversity. It can be either written, spoken or pictorial….but the sense of pleasure I have of laughing out loud sends electricity shooting up and down my spine. I feel hope, courage and inspiration. And knowing that there are people in the world that can make me really laugh makes everything seem less dark 🙂

8. I love the feeling of doing someone a good turn, making them laugh, or bestowing a gift upon them….I feel an immense power flow through me when I do that.

9. I love opening my inbox, and watching fresh emails flood in – I feel connected with the world…busy…even a little important!

10. I love the taste of hot coffee first thing in the morning….sometimes it is the only thing that makes me want to get up!

I think that will do for now (stopping on an decently round; even number!).  I suppose the whole point of this post was to give myself a chance to walk around my island a little bit, and realize that maybe it has potential for growth. I am a person too. I have feelings and emotions…likes and dislikes. I am reminded that I sometimes do more than just exist from one day to the next. Sometimes, I actually do feel like I live 🙂