Outside the comfort zone

My life feels strange right now. I think it is because of the number of changes that have taken place in it in such a sort space of time. Life just seems to be moving on and I can either make the decision to go with it or get left behind.

I am suddenly busy at work. It is that time of the year. And busy is good. I can’t help feeling mentally bored at times – I am still doing the same rubbish I was doing 5 years ago, but at least I have something to focus on. 

I am being moved from one office to another, and upheavals like that always make me feel slightly at sea. Anything which forces me outside my comfort zone makes me feel like that. And in addition to trying to manage this change, my company has decided that now would be an excellent time to introduce a new computer system which I absolutely and totally hate. Plus, I am now forced to use Office 2013 which I detested instantly and which looks horrible. I am thinking that I will get used to it, but I am firmly of the opinion that Microsoft just moved a shitload of buttons around for the sake of moving them around, and stuck 2013 on the box to help consumers kid themselves into thinking that they MUST be getting something new for their money. If they are, I don’t see it. Forgive me if I offend anyone. I am not a “Office Suite Guru” – I just use it to create a few documents and graphs now and again. And sometimes, that’s all people need. A bit of simplicity. Yay for spending 45 minutes trying to do a graph in Excel which looks like a load of rubbish. I’m sorry for not liking having to open the online help; and get assaulted by 200 search results; just because I want to know how to add a second axis on it.

And whispers of a new “company internet usage policy” are floating around. Great. God knows what that is going to mean, of I am of the firm opinion it is not going to make my working day any bloody easier.

Right. I have just put myself in a foul mood. I am going to do the decent thing and move on.

Other changes in my life include a date (yes, seriously) and my brother coming home from Saudi Arabia for an unspecified period of time. Oh yes, and the fact that I am toying with the idea of dropping Warcraft which has been one of the biggest timesinks in my life in recent years.

And I see changes like these as being positive ones. My date in the next few weeks has helped me forget about a certain selfish female who up until recently had really helped screw my head over. I still think about her sometimes, and can’t help feeling regret that things didnt work out better with her (I really would have liked that), but at the end of the day she turned out to be a negative influence in my life and she had to go. She is no longer the centre of my attention anymore. Her loss.

My brother being over is a really welcome change too. Someone different to talk to and to hang out with. He helps shake the monotony of an otherwise pretty boring life. Anything new in that regard is always good.

And moving on from Warcraft…I need to see how that goes, but a break from it is nice at least. As stimulation goes, it was beginning to fall behind a little bit. A change is as good as a rest, and it is time for a bit of a change!

So overall, a lot of changes are taking place, and I have no option but to go where they lead. But at least I have stopped feeling like I am permanently rooted to the spot. I feel like things are getting shaken up a little.

Its not a bad feeling.