Fucking alcoholics.

Such a soft bunch of assholes, yet I still love them.

They moan around the ward, trying to be cool, pretending to want out, although none of them do. They have bed to sleep in, and three decent meals a day.

Life, for them, is pretty easy.

I have just slit my fucking wrists; bled all over my parents carpets,been  labelled  as a psycho in my home town, and I also have five days before I am due to get back to work, because, technically, I am holiday.

I still havent eaten. I am not hungry. I now haven’t eaten for 120 hours. I refuse food. Meanwhile, the alchos complain. I pay no attention. I don’t give a fuck.

I am lying on my bed when a nurse comes. I keep my eyes closed.

“JOHN! Get up. Its lunch time.Get up!”

You fucking bitch. You think that you can instill your regime on me?

I don’t look up. Fuck off, please.

“John. You think you can laze around all day, then think again.”

She huffs, and then I sense her moving off.

Silence. I breathe in relief.. Suddenly, noise fills the air.

“Hey, dude! Hey!”

What the fuck now? This sounds like guy who sleeps in the bed opposite. I don’t know what his problem is.


Its that idiot who sleeps opposite. Duuno who he is. Don’t give a fuck.

I stay silent.


What the fuck is it with fucking people? Can’t they go and fuck off somewhere. I ignore him and keep my eyes shut. I am asleep.

“HEY! DUDE. If you dont eat, they wont let you out, you know??!”

Suddenly, I am wide awake and listening.