I am suddenly wide awake and every nerve is quivering. I hide it. I am not given to showing emotion,

I sit up.

“Hey”.I utter the word. I hope that is aliens ever confront me that have studied the lingo. I aint in the mood for changing.


A head pops up from the bed opposite. It looks like an normal head, but I ain’t taking shit for granted.


The hed looks back at me and begins noddinf vigoursly.

“Hey dude” it says.

“hey. Whaqt did you say about eating and getting out?”

The head looks at both poles of the hemisphere. That takes a few seconds. The it whispers “you ain’t getting out unless you eat”.

“I have to eat?”


“ok”. I laugh inwardly. Food is not high on my agenda. Bobby Sands died of hunger and he became a martyr. I let the thought go. I was curious about the head.

“who are you?”

The head bounced a few times.

“I am Andy. Im from Enniskillen”

Ahhh. A place I knew.

“Hey Andy.”

“Hey”. A normal person, just like me. A person who was being help against their will, I wanted to know more.

“what you in for Andy?”

He sighed. A deep, deep sigh.

“My parents put me in here.”

I was outraged.

“Your parents… here….”

“Yeah.” He groaned. “I don’t belong here”

He began to sob.

I only react to tears of the female persuasion, so I let him cry, I dont know how to cry myself (I reckon my tear ducts dont work…) but I indulge.




“you are a normal guy?”


“How do you feel like busting outta here?”

Andy grinned at me through his tears.

“Yeah!” he whispered enthusiastically. “Can you get outta here, you think?!”

My mind said yes.

“Yeah Andy.You wanna come?”

And shook his head vigorously.

“Yes,. Yes!!” he hissed.

“You know what I miss?” I asked



The word came out of my mouth before I knew it, And then I realised it was a girl who out in me in here.

“Me too!” he whispeed

I laughd inwardly.

“OK Andy? You ready to go?”

“Yes!” beamed the head. ” I am ready!”

“Good!” I laughed quietly. “Get dressed!”

“I am dressed!”

“God job Andy. Now get out of bed!”

I had leapt out of mine and was waiting.

“C’mon Andy!”

“I’m coming!”



“Let’s go then!”

I made a motion.”Lets go!”

Andy beamed at me



“john, have you ever been washed in the blood of the Lamb? Because by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

My heart sank.